Senior Back-end Engineer

At dashdash (Full-time), in Porto, Portugal Salary: ?39.000 – ?45.000 Expires at: 2018-08-14 Imagine a spreadsheet grid where each cell can also call an API or repeat a job. This is what we are building. Our product lets users create interactive web apps using the spreadsheet skills they already have. Your role is to team up with our engineers and build our services. You will be working on: ? Our core service that handles all the computations originated by the user inputs, users scheduled jobs and webhooks. ? The edge service that deals with all user-facing queries, authentication and other responsibilities. ? A modular integration service for calling 3rd party APIs. ? Evolving or setting up new microservices that deliver new features in a seamless user experience. ? Scalability and resiliency challenges to deliver low latency results. ? Discussing different approaches to distributed computing architectures. Our ideal buddy is: ? Motivated to solve complex challenges. We are building a platform that provides General Purpose Computing to the masses; this requires cooking new solutions that handle millions of calculations. ? Professional and fun. We value professional commitment and the ability to stay optimistic and focused, especially in the face of difficult challenges or feedback. But we also find plenty of time to talk about The Big Lebowski. ? Focused on quality and usability. We hate alarms going off and features that are half-baked as much as you do. Come build a polished product with us! Main requirements ? At least 6 years of work experience as a software engineer, excluding university experience. ? Fluent in design patterns and other Computer Science fundamentals. ? Fluent in distributed systems fundamentals. ? Proficient in the inner workings of the JVM. ? Proficient with Java 8 streams and reactive programming. ? Very experienced in the design of APIs that implement request-response protocols, i.e. REST, RPC. ? Very experienced in deployment tools and strategies. ? Skilled in different areas like database handling, task automation, ssh-ing to machines to debug quirky behaviors or hunting for oddities in metrics dashboards. ? Able communicator in English. Portuguese is optional but welcome. * Nice to have ? Experienced with Redis, Cassandra and PostgreSQL. ? Knows Kotlin and Python. ? Knows GraphQL. ? Experienced with gRPC and protocol buffers. ? Very experienced with linux systems and shell scripting. ? Experienced with Infrastructure as Code. ? Experienced with Spinnaker and container technology. ? Aware of Google Cloud services, e.g. GCE, Pub/Sub, DataFlow. ? Able to apply functional programming where needed. ? Open source contributor (Github). Perks ? Employee equity plan. ? Health Insurance for you and your family. ? Plenty of beer and frequent ice-cream. ? Liberal work-from-home policy. ? Unlimited vacation policy.

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